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These pages are a concise guide to using the Net, for both new and experienced users. They cover:

Connecting to the Net

If you are reading this, you probably already have a connection to the Net! You can find find out about the different types of Net connections and tools for connecting at Infinite Ink's Getting Connected Page.

Essentials: Mail, News, and the Web

For most people the vast resources of the Net can be accessed using only mail and news for electronic conversations and a Web browser for: Infinite Ink's MetaWeb: A Web Page about the Web discusses these and many more Web topics.

More Net Tools - FTP, Telnet, and more

You can use your Web browser to FTP and Telnet but if you use these tools regularly, you will probably want more than the basic features you get with a Web browser. There are zillions of other tools available for helping you communicate and access information on the Net. Links to many are available at Yahoo's:


One of the easiest ways to market yourself, your company, or your ideas is to use an electronic signature and Organization header in your mail and news messages. Information about setting these up is in the Signature, Finger, and Customized Headers FAQ. Another great way to get your name out there is to write and maintain a FAQ. More marketing information is available at:


Indexes to More Internet Info



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