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Work In Progress   Check out Deflexion.com: Deflexion & Reflexion from Nancy McGough for an experiment in blogging and feeding that is based on Blogger and Del.icio.us. In 2006, all Nancy's public postings, bookmarks, and web sites, including this Infinite Ink site, will be intertwingled using feeds, message deflexion, Del.icio.us, Planet or some other web-based aggregator, and Drupal, JotSpot, or some other content management system.


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These six articles are by Nancy McGough, the primary perpetrator of Infinite Ink, but we also publish articles by others. For a more complete list of the pages at Infinite Ink, see the site directory. To search either the entire Web or the Infinite Ink site, use this Google search form.

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Thank You to Peter Hilton of Hilton Harbour for creating the ii logo, to FavIcon Generator for converting the logo to a FavIcon ([ii icon]), to All Free Backgrounds for the water/ink background, to Joshua Schachter for Del.icio.us, and to Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen for Gmane. Thank you also to the many many people who have supported Infinite Ink over the years, including the people here, here, here, and here. There are many more people we want to publicly thank and after we turn this site into a wiki-blog, it will be much easier to keep our Thanks pages (and all the Infinite Ink pages) up to date.


Communication Request   If you want to contact Infinite Ink and your question or comment might be interesting to others, please post a comment at Deflexion.com. For details about how to do this and alternate ways to get in touch, see Make a Meta Comment.


(The wiki-blog sections that used to be on this page are now at Deflexion.com on the page All About Deflexion.com.)



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