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The Infinite Ink web site is in the midst of being restructured and moved from to and then mirrored at Since the Infinite Ink documents are quite a tangled web, it's a mess during this transition! Feedback about the new design and directory structure, which you can see at the Infinite Ink Directory, is welcome. After I've finished moving all the pages, I'll go back and update the pages, many of which desperately need to be updated!
Nancy McGough created Infinite Ink in 1992. It is a one-person business with lots of help from family, friends, friends of friends, friends (of friends)n, and people all over the Net.
Infinite Ink focuses on writing, teaching, and promoting public discussion about:

Infinite Ink has always been a Net business and so it is located everywhere the Net is – its ``ink'' is infinitely distributed! Infinite Ink began in Seattle, Washington and uses a number of Internet service providers around the United States. I now live and work in one of the most vibrant, intense, stimulating, diverse cities on the planet: New York City.
The most frequently asked question I get is: Why are you doing this? Well, first of all, this is not a nonprofit so I do make money from it, mainly from people seeing my work here and then asking me to do work for them. Eventually I plan to get paid for the writing I put on the Net. I like the shareware/sharedoc model so that's probably what I'll do, i.e., everyone can read my material and, if it's useful, the reader pays me, either with money, a postcard, movie tickets, vegetarian meals, yoga classes, design suggestions and graphics for my Web pages, leads on New York apartments, or whatever! Please let me know what you think of this plan.

Other reasons that I do this are 1) it's what I really want to be doing, 2) I meet fascinating people through these pages and through the discussion groups I participate in, and 3) I want to promote these things I believe in:



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