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Things change. Things break. That's part of life and certainly part of the Web! Someday there will be something like URNs, Uniform Resource Names, or PURLs, Persistant URLs, to help make change and breakage easier to deal with. Until then, you can make it more likely that you and your users will be able to access an Infinite Ink page by giving links to both the primary page and its mirror. The primary URL starts with and the mirror URL starts with The full URLs are given at the bottom of each Infinite Ink page. One way to give links to both pages is to write something like this:

``A great resource for locating Internet discussion groups is Infinite Ink's Finding News Groups (and its mirror).''

Another way to give links to both mirrors of a page is to do what I've done in the ``Directory'' and ``Linking & Mirrors'' links in the navigation buttons at the bottom of this page.

Here are some examples of other people giving links to an Infinite Ink page and its mirror:

Please let me know if you give links to an Infinite Ink page and its mirror and I'll add you to this list.



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