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Even though I spend a lot of time thinking and writing about email, I'm not very efficient at responding to my email. I appreciate all the feedback that I get and I save it all and eventually do incorporate the suggestions.


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Ask for help

Post a message to an appropriate newsgroup or mailing list (especially a mailing list that's available via NNTP so it will be easy for me to join), and email me a copy of your post. I am more likely to respond if

  1. You contribute a little bit — even just 10¢ — to Infinite Ink (see below); and
  2. I can publicly post my response so that it will potentially help the many people who read the group.
Send me (Nancy) a courtesy copy of a question you've publicly posted; or send suggestions, compliments, complaints, words of wisdom, etc. Email  nm-this-address-is-valid AT no.sp.am
(copy & paste this into your mail client and replace “ AT ”  with  “@”)
[New!] Support Infinite Ink by electronically contributing between 2¢ and $5
Sign up for an account at Cashets.com, the new micropayment system created by the very interesting Michael Phillips. You only need to fill in 6 text boxes and then your account will be created with a $2.00 gift deposit.
Ensure that your browser has JavaScript turned on and will accept pop-up windows from Cashets.com scripts. (I, along with ~10% of people surfing the web, do not normally surf this way, but that's how Cashets.com works at the moment.)
[Click Here to Donate with CASHETS.com] Your contribution will be anonymous and Cashets.com will keep at most 5¢.

(Optional) Send me email and tell me that you've contributed and what, if anything, you'd like me to put on the Infinite Ink Thanks page to thank you for your contribution. I think it will be beneficial to both you and Infinite Ink to include a link to your site and the amount that you contributed.

Don't be embarrassed about contributing a tiny amount — if everyone who visited this site contributed only 10¢, I would be able support myself completely from this site!

[envelope]Support Infinite Ink by physically contributing presents, money, or good wishes! Send snail mail to
  Nancy McGough
  Infinite Ink
  28 Old Brompton Road, Suite 488
  South Kensington
  SW7 3SS

If you are wondering what to contribute, consider Mac OS X v10.2 or money (GBP, USD, or EUR)! If you help to support Infinite Ink, I will happily link to you on the Infinite Ink Thanks page. You can choose whether I include information about what you have contributed and, of course, whether I mention you at all.



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