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The World Wide Web is slowly becoming "The Net." Right now most Web browsers allow you to view and/or download hypertext, gopher, and all types of ftp files. You can also send mail, read and participate in news groups, do archie and veronica searches, telnet or rlogin to a host, and finger people and hosts through Web browsers. This page contains information about:

Choosing Your Web Browser

If you have a computer running one of these operating systems: Then I recommend NCSA Mosaic. I prefer NCSA Mosaic over Netscape because: If you use a text-based system, then I recommend Lynx. Information about these and many other Web browsers is available at: (Note that there are many others who are not fans of Netscape including Warwick Allison and Nick Sayer.)

Using Your Web Browser To . . .

Other gateways are listed at Yahoo's Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:Gateways.

Web-Related FAQs, News Groups, and Mailing Lists

Creating and Announcing Web Pages

One of the first things to decide when designing your Web pages is whether to use Netscape's extensions to HTML (aka NHTML). Many Net savvy folks think that it is best to use standard HTML, especially HTML 3. To help you decide, see:

Web Authoring Aids

Announcing Your Web Page(s)

When you are ready to announce your Web page(s), you can use Submit It! to submit your page(s) to lots of Web catalogs. Other announcement services are listed at Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:Announcement Services.

HTML 3.0

The HTML 3.0 specification is evolving but a lot of it is already decided and ready for use! A good place to start learning about HTML 3.0 is Arena's HTML 3.0 Guided Tour. A copy of the spec is at W3 and Dave Raggett's pages. Right now the best browsers for viewing HTML 3.0 are Arena and UdiWWW. Sample pages that use HTML 3 are at Tzog's HTML 3 page.

Miscellaneous Web Information

Lots of information about the Web is available at Yahoo's Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web. Also see Infinite Ink's Internet in a Nutshell.



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