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Procmail is a powerful and robust set of tools that enable you to automatically process mail as you receive it or after it is already in a message folder. It is actively developed by Stephen R. van den Berg and supported by Stephen and the other members of the procmail mailing list. Stephen and the other people on the mailing list are some of the most helpful people on the Net - they epitomize the positive spirit of the Net!


FTP Directory

The Procmail FTP directory is where you can find the procmail sources and some introductory files, including the Procmail: Note that your system administrator may have already installed procmail on your system. The Filtering Mail FAQ has instructions for how to check if procmail is already on your system.


Documentation and Examples


Procmail Discussion

The best place for Procmail discussion is the very active and helpful Procmail mailing list described below. Currently there is no news group devoted to Procmail discussion but people sometimes discuss it in comp.mail.misc.

To subscribe to the procmail mailing list, send mail with Subject   subscribe   to or, if you want to receive it in digest format, to


Procmail Mailing List Archives


Procmail Mail Server

To use the Procmail mail server, send mail to with your command as the Subject. For example, use:


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