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I created FAQ launchers because I wanted to give people access to all the different formats of the Infinite Ink FAQs that are archived on servers around the world (and I also wanted any easy way to check that these servers had the most up-to-date version of my FAQs). I wanted people to be able to choose which format they wanted -- single-page or multi-page -- and to be able to have a choice of servers for each format. This redundancy makes it unlikely that someone won't be able to access a FAQ. When I created web pages about finding and writing FAQs, I created launchers for all the metaFAQs, i.e., FAQs about FAQs. These serve a couple purposes. One purpose is the same as my motivation for creating the Infinite Ink launchers: To make them highly accessible. The other purpose is to show these people, who are especially interested in FAQs in general, all the different archives of these FAQs.


Launchers of Meta FAQs


Launchers of Infinite Ink's FAQs


A Discussion Group Launcher

Since a FAQ can be posted to more than one news group and a news group can have more than one FAQ, it makes sense to weave a web of FAQ and news group launchers. The following news group launcher gives you an idea of the possibility of an interconnected web of news group and FAQ launchers that people could use as their doorway into the vast world of Usenet and its FAQs.


Launchers Created by Other People

Please tell me about other FAQ or news group launchers and I'll add them to this list.



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