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This page desperately needs to be updated. Since my main interest these days is IMAP, I'm collecting a list of ISPs that support IMAP on my Changing Your From Header in Pine page in the section called Getting an Email Address to Use in Public Forums and on Web Pages. For now, please check out that page for more up-to-date ISP info!



Please send me the URL of any ISP that gives 20 meg or more of space for $35 or less per month. Thanks!
Key: "xW+yF+zP" means "x meg Web space + y meg FTP space + z meg personal space (mail, personal files, etc.)"

ISP Space Extra Space Bandwidth Extra Bandwidth IMAP procmail Telnet-In Price Dial-In Price Connect Time Limits
best.com 35 MB (25WF+10P) .50/meg/mo 200 meg/day
netgate.com 40 meg .20/meg/mo 200 MB/day
netrunners.com 45 MB (25W+10F+10P) unlimited



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