Infinite Ink’s To-⁠Do, Doing, and Done Lists⁠🚧
Updated  23-January-23

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2022-November-2  As of today, this evolving⁠[1] article has been on the web for 3 years.🎂🎂🎂

Meta To-Do

Writing In Progress & Experiments


  •   AsciiDoc Include Directives, Hugo, and the Current Working Directory
  •   Buying and setting up a new Windows 11 computer (featuring no Microsoft account)
  •   Converting HTML and Markdown to AsciiDoc
  •   CSS Fragments and Tips
  •   Get the Resources of a Hugo Bundle
  •   Git Commit and Reaction Emoji
  •   Goldmark-Flavored Markdown Experiments
  •   How I Hide a Hugo Tag From the Public 🏷
  •   Infinite Ink In Isolation
  •   List Portalized Tags via a Hugo Shortcode
  •   More Hugo Shortcodes
  •   OpenMoji
  •   Pandoc
  •   Path Types: Windows, Unix, Mixed, and More
  •   Portals 🚪︎:
    Doorways to Infinite Ink's Website & Beyond🚪
  •   Rsync
  •   Setting Up Lynx and Win32 OpenSSL on Windows
  •   Simple Hat [Experiment]
  •   Unicode Arrows
  •   Using Code Fences in Markdown
  •   Using Hugo Sections (including mainSections) to List Web Pages
  •   Very Beautiful Shirt [Experiment]
  •   Weird Shirt [Experiment]
  •   Windows File History Errors⁠🐛️
  •   Windows Fragments and Tips


(To learn how I get hugo to generate the above writing-in-progress list, see Shortcode 2 on Infinite Ink’s Hugo Shortcodes.)


Website To-Do


  • update any page that needs updating (in other words Infinite Ink is a “digital garden” and many pages are evergreen 🌲 and always under construction 🚧)

  • improve the stylesheet so, for example, these look better:

  • finish converting #tag pages to #portal pages

  • figure out a better way to automate including my bookmarks on relevant #portal pages

  • on my #portal pages, flag bookmarks that are my favorites, maybe with ✳️, ✳︎, ⭐️, ⭐︎, 🌟️, 🌟︎, 🏁️, 🏁︎, ⚡️, or ⚡︎ (I decided to use 🌟️)

  • figure out how to get rid of the whitespace at bottom of every page (below the bottom navigation bar)

  • import all nm’s long- and medium-form content to this Hugo site (from Blogger, Tumblr, old, etc.)

  • use web feeds and/or Twitter to announce changes to the site

  • update the site skeleton that is used in TGIH: Themeless & Gitless Introduction to the Hugo SSG.



  • create a page called “Now” and move the “Doing” part of this page there

  • regularly write about interesting things I learn and tag them #til (for “today I learned”)

  • use Twitter Fleets to tweet about technical things I'm playing around with that I do not want in my permanent Twitter history

  • import nm’s short-form[2] content to this site (from discussion groups,[3] Twitter,,, etc.)

  • improve the top-of-page and bottom-of-page icons, which are currently either ⇧ and ⇩, or ⍐ and ⍗, or ⍓ and ⍌

  • improve the admonition boxes and icons, which currently look like this:

This is important.
This is a note.
This is a tip.
This is a warning.

Doing and Done


Starting in 2022, recent “Done” items are listed on News: What’s 🆕 at Infinite Ink.


2021 December–August 😷

  • In the footer of some pages, for example the footer of this page, changed order of the first chunk of More Infinite Ink Pages so that they are sorted by title length (len .Title). I did this because I think it looks kind of cool. Note that this is still a work in progress.

  • On some pages with comments (including this page), changed that section's title to Comments and questions 📝👍👎🤔 (because I want to encourage people to ask questions).

  • My primary IDE is now (again) Visual Studio Code. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to get IntelliJ IDEA to never do “smart indenting” and other auto formatting.⁠😠


2021 July


2021 June–January 😷

  • Appended a woman construction worker emoji (👷‍♀️) to this article’s title.

  • Migrating my bash script from WSL to Git Bash (which is part of Git for Windows).

  • In the More Infinite Ink Pages section near the bottom of some pages, bolding the portals that are especially relevant to the current page.

  • Continuing to convert my and articles to AsciiDoc and publish them here at Infinite Ink.

  • Experimenting with the following three emoji in the top and bottom navigation bars and wondering if anyone understands their meanings?!  🚪 🚧 🤓

  • Added an Elsewhere “sideblog” (aka “link blog”) to the bottom of some pages, including this page.

  • Changed the format of the published and updated fragments near the bottom of most pages so it now includes information about where it was originally published and if it is a fork from someone else.

  • Using the Pandoc Universal Document Converter to convert the source of some of my articles from HTML to AsciiDoc.

  • Using Kramdoc or Pandoc to convert the source of some of my Tumblr articles from PHP Markdown Extra to AsciiDoc.



2020 December–July 😷

  • On some portals, for example the #git-bash Portal, added quoted search strings so that the search engines will (maybe) search for a phrase.

  • On some pages with comments, changed section title from Please edit this page 👍👎📝 to Comments 👍👎📝.

  • On some portals, experimenting with including something like “portal built 2023-March-17” in the footer. Since the build date is not necessarily the last-update date, I’m not sure how useful this date is.

  • On the #zeitgeist Portal, pinned some links to the top of the Links section. I use Hugo’s weight page variable to do this.

  • After a long break, I’m tweeting at again. This is where I tweet about nerdy things, including news about at Infinite Ink.

  • On some portals, experimenting with section headings that say how many links are in that section.

  • On some pages, including this page, experimenting with a Meta & Navigator heading in the footer.

  • On some pages, changed the section titled Related pages to Related pages and portals and updated the relevant shortcode.

  • On most pages, including the home page, added links to a bunch of portals in the footer. I think of this as Infinite Ink’s “portal cloud,” which is analogous to a tag cloud.

  • On pages with comments, changed section title from “Edit this page 📝” to “Please edit this page 👍👎📝” and removed the blurb about needing a GitHub account.

  • On some portals, for example the #asciidoc Portal, experimenting with

  • Converting all portals to the new portal layout, which includes a TOC, sometimes a decorative image, sometimes embedded Twitter timelines, and a portal cloud in the footer.

  • Experimenting with links to all other portals in the footer of some portals.

  • Updated my tumblelog.cmd batch script so it now invokes wsl.exe rather than bash.exe -c. This is better for a couple reasons.

  • Started using Symbola font for some elements of this website, for example the door character (🚪) in the navigators and the pins (📍) on the list of portals.

  • On pages with comments, changed section title from “Edit this page👍👎📝” to “Edit this page 📝

  • Experimenting with embedding a Twitter timeline on some portals, for example on the #webdev Portal.

  • In Infinite Ink’s config.yaml, experimenting with the new (as of Hugo v0.74.0) markup.asciidocExt site variable, for example with the following:

      preserveTOC: true
      workingFolderCurrent: false  # default is false
       toc: macro
       hide-uri-scheme: true@  # trailing @ means ok to override
       sectlinks: true
       octothorpe: #  # hash
       colon: :
       rsolidus: \  # backslash
       underscore: _
  • On pages with comments, changed section title from “Edit this page👍👎✍” to “Edit this page👍👎📝

  • In the midst of flagging any portal link that I regularly visit with , which I hope looks kind of like a "z" (for zeitgeist)

  • Created #zeitgeist Portal

  • Changed title of Hugo Tips and Fragments to Hugo Tips, Shortcodes, and Fragments

  • Experimenting with including an image on some portals, including the #gohugo, #golang, and #vim portals.

  • Experimenting with the styling of the list of links on the #tumblelog Portal. At the moment,  uses one of the many shades of grey for its color. While doing these experiments, I’ve learned about Hugo’s replaceRE function.



2020 June–March 😷

  • Changed title of qutebrowser Tips to Getting Started with qutebrowser (because I created a new page titled qutebrowser Fragments and Tips)

  • Changed title of 12 Hugo Fragments to Hugo Fragments and Tips

  • Created Hugo shortcode called related-pages and added a Related pages section to some pages



2020 February–January

  • Change title of “TGIH: Themeless & Gitless Introduction to Hugo” to “Hugo Tutorial: Themeless & Gitless Introduction to Hugo” so maybe it will show up in search engine results when someone searches for "hugo tutorial" with,,, etc.🙏

  • Create #meta Portal and pin (📍) a link to it near the top of the list of Portals

  • Change top right navigation bar so it now says Portals  About  ⍌ (where ⍌ is a link to “scroll to bottom of page” but I wonder if anyone understands that???)

  • Change layout of article metadata (permalink, dates, copyright, portals) in article footers, but I don’t know if I like this new design🤔


2019 and earlier

  • on pages with comments, change section title from "Discussion and feedback" to "Discussion and reactions"

  • new favicon/logo Infinite Ink logo Infinite Ink logo Infinite Ink logo

  • Change most #tag pages so they are now #portal pages

  • In #portal pages, make the bottom navigation bar be previous portal | home | next portal

  • Change top navigation bar so it now says: Portals  Meta (instead of about  connect  tags)

  • Change bottom navigation bar (previous|home|next) so it flows and aligns better on small screens. (After a lot of FAILed CSS3, flexbox, and float experiments, I am using an HTML5 table to do this😱︎)

  • publish Asciidoctor- and Hugo-based site🎉

2016 – 2019
~2013 – 2019[4]
  • experiment with static site generators, including Antora, Blogdown (which is based on Hugo), GitBook, Hugo, Jekyll, Lektor, Liquid Luck, Pelican

  • experiment with wiki software, including Gollum (which is git-based wiki software)

  • learn different flavors of Markdown, including PHP Markdown Extra, which Tumblr supports, and GitHub-flavored Markdown


See also


1. Many Infinite Ink articles, including this one, are evergreen and regularly updated.
2. Short-form content is also known as micro content.
3. Discussion groups include Usenet, mailing lists, forums, discourse sites, comments on other websites, etc.
4. I pretty much decided on Hugo in ~2017 but periodically got so frustrated that I kept trying alternatives.

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