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My Primary Cloud Storage Provider is sync.com⁠☁️
Updated  2022-July-30


Some of the links to sync.com in this article are referral links that will possibly get me (and you!) more free space.


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2022-September-22  As of today, this evolving⁠[1] article has been on the web for 1 year.🎂


Why cloud storage

Cloud storage is useful for…

  • sharing a file with someone on the internet (including yourself on another device),

  • keeping a file synchronized across your devices,⁠[2]

  • backing up a file (assuming the cloud-storage provider does versioning),

  • and storing a file only in the cloud to save space on your device.


What is sync.com

My history with sync.com

In 2017, for many reasons, I decided I needed to find an alternative to Dropbox. After a lot of research, I decided that sync.com would be my Dropbox replacement. I signed up and got 5 gigabytes of free space plus an extra 3 rewards gigabytes (for a total of 8 gig). On 2021-⁠September-⁠22,⁠[3] my “Sync rewards” page displayed this:

🖤 Sync rewards

Your rewards
1.0 GB	mmm dd, 2017	Referred - Signup
1.0 GB	mmm dd, 2017	Referral

Sync rewards
1.0 GB	mmm dd, 2017	Getting Started Bonus

I’ve obfuscated the precise dates in case that would help someone break into my account.

For the last ~5 years, I’ve happily used sync.com to keep the Infinite Ink website source files and other files in sync across my devices.

I recently hit my 8-⁠gig space limit and thought it’s time for me to research this type of service all over again. In the process of doing that, I…

  • created Infinite Ink’s #backup-sync Portal

  • and decided that yes, sync.com is my #1 choice for this type of service.


The reasons I’m sticking with sync.com are:

  1. They provide zero-⁠knowledge encryption on their free accounts.

  2. I have not had any problem with them in the ~5 years I’ve used their service.

  3. They still rank highly in cloud storage comparisons, for example goodcloudstorage.net’s article about World’s Most Secure Cloud Storage Services.


Try sync.com’s free starter plan (which never expires)

If you are interested in this type of service, I recommend that you try sync.com’s free starter plan. Details are on this page:

If you use the following referral link to visit sync.com before you sign up, both you and I will get an extra gigabyte of storage!

To learn about sync.com’s referral program, see:

I hope you are as as happy with sync.com as I am.⁠


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who signs up with sync.com via one of my referral links. I now, as of July 2022, have 18 gig (out of a possible 20 gig) of free sync.com space.⁠🤗


If you sign up via one of my referral links and post a comment about that below, I will give you a 👍 and ❤️.


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1. Many Infinite Ink articles, including this one, are evergreen and regularly updated.
2. Assuming your cloud-storage provider supports as many devices as you have. sync.com lets you synchronize up to five devices.
3. 2021-September-22 is the day I published this article.

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