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Vim is a text editor that is an improved version of the the old Unix editor vi. It is pre-installed on most Unix-like systems and can be run with a graphical or terminal user interface (GUI or TUI). For an overview, see wikipedia.org/wiki/Vim_(text_editor).

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Chat Room on Gitter

If you see “OPEN CHAT” in the lower right corner of this page, you can click it to see the gitter.im/JetBrains/ideavim chat room embedded⁠[1] here.


Timeline on Twitter

The tweets in this section are from one of the Twitter lists that I created and might be related to #vim.

Because Twitter auto refreshes embedded timelines, I prefer to read them by jumping to the end of the tweets and then scrolling up.


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1. The embedded chat room on this portal is thanks to sidecar.gitter.im.