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Vim is a text editor that is an improved version of the the old Unix editor vi. It is pre-installed on most Unix-like systems and can be run with a graphical or terminal user interface (GUI or TUI). For an overview, see wikipedia.org/wiki/Vim_(text_editor).

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Chat Room on Gitter

If you see “OPEN CHAT” in the lower right corner of this page, you can click it to see the gitter.im/JetBrains/ideavim chat room embedded⁠[1] here.


Timeline on Twitter

The tweets in this section are from one of the Twitter lists that I created and might be related to #vim.

Because Twitter auto refreshes embedded timelines, I prefer to read them by jumping to the end of the tweets and then scrolling up.




If you are signed in to Twitter, you can view the members of the above Twitter list, at twitter.com/nm/lists/vim/members.


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1. The embedded chat room on this portal is thanks to sidecar.gitter.im.