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Updated  2023-May-24

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Article News

This section lists some of Infinite Ink’s articles ordered by update date, starting with the most recently updated article. To view a list of articles ordered by publication date, see Infinite Ink’s Home.


Updated in 2023-May


Updated in 2023-April


Updated in 2023-March or Earlier

To view this list of Infinite Ink articles, click this sentence.


Elsewhere News

Bookmarked in 2023-May

Bookmarked in 2023-April

Bookmarked Earlier

More bookmarks are listed on relevant Infinite Ink portals.

The #elsewhere portal lists all Infinite Ink’s external bookmarks on one page.


Toots and Tweets

Probably soon I’ll start posting Infinite Ink news at If you use Mastodon and you’re interested in keeping up with me and/or Infinite Ink, follow and/or the Mastodon #InfiniteInk hashtag.


The Mastodon instance renders \(\LaTeX\) (thanks to MathJax).⁠🔣⁠🎉  For details, see

Probably soon, I’ll switch to posting Infinite Ink news on Mastodon (discussed in the previous section), instead of on the Twitter timeline in this section.



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