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AsciiDoc is a markup language that is richer than Markdown, but is still considered a lightweight markup language. For an overview of AsciiDoc’s history and implementations, including AsciiDoc.py and Asciidoctor (formerly known as AsciiDoc.rb), see wikipedia.org/wiki/AsciiDoc.



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AsciiDoc News

2021-August-3  AsciiDoctor v2.0.16 released. To keep up with releases of Asciidoctor see github.com/asciidoctor/asciidoctor/releases or twitter.com/@asciidoctor.

2021-January-5  asciidoctor.org published a major update of the AsciiDoc Language Documentation at docs.asciidoctor.org.


Note that a link flagged with a star () is regularly updated and is listed on the #zeitgeist Portal.



If you see “OPEN CHAT” in the lower right corner of this page, you can click it to see the gitter.im/asciidoctor/asciidoctor chat room embedded here. This and more Asciidoctor Gitter chat rooms are listed at gitter.im/asciidoctor/home.

Starting in March 2021, Asciidoctor chatting mainly takes place at asciidoctor.zulipchat.com.

Currently, viewing Zulip chat requires user registration, but there is discussion about changing that in Zulip GitHub Issue #13172: Add support for logged-out reading of Zulip history for public organizations. In July 2021, this issue has 17 up votes.⁠👍⁠👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⁠👍

To learn about Zulip, see Infinite Ink’s Open Up Zulip.


Timelines on Twitter

The tweets in this section are from Twitter lists that I created and might be related to #asciidoc.

Because Twitter auto refreshes embedded timelines, I prefer to read them by jumping to the end of the tweets and then scrolling up.




If you are signed in to Twitter, you can view the members of the above Twitter list, at twitter.com/nm/lists/asciidoc/members.




If you are signed in to Twitter, you can view the members of the above Twitter list, at twitter.com/nm/lists/asciidocuser/members.


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1. Thanks to simpleicons.org for the image near the top of this page. For details about this image, see github.com/simple-icons/simple-icons/issues/1852 and github.com/simple-icons/simple-icons/blob/develop/icons/asciidoctor.svg.

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