The business

Infinite Ink was created in 1992 by Nancy McGough. Our mission is:

writing and teaching about computing, mathematics, science, and philosophy

The website

The www.ii.com website has been up and running since 1993.


Until 2019, the site was managed using DreamWeaver and command-line tools such as sftp, ssh, and vim. The site is now managed with the following tools.

Web sites and services


The look and feel of the new parts of the site, for example this page, were created with tools, components, and inspiration from:

The hosting providers


This website is currently hosted at DreamHost.[2] It was originally hosted at best.com, which was bought by verio.com.


If you look at the old pages on the Infinite Ink site, you will see that I (Nancy) have thought a lot about email and internet messaging. After much research, I use the following email hosting providers.

I do email deflexion to help me manage my email and to confuse the spies.🕵


These file-hosting services provide backups, downloads, and syncronization:


Infinite Ink is currently a one-person business and when I wrote “our mission” above, it means “Nancy’s mission”😜.

I’m also known as nm, ɯu, n🍑︎, nancym, , ℵancym, alefsym, and  n.

Some information about me is in the following embedded gist.


If your browser does not have JavaScript enabled, you can view this whoami gist at gist.github.com/nancym/b5efe3b73ed3e6aedd0b3b61e8067e77.

And you💜

The writing and teaching that I do is partly for me because it helps me to learn and to remember what I’ve learned. But it’s mainly for you, my audience. Over the years I have received a lot of very nice thank-you messages, which I really appreciate.

If you’d like to help support Infinite Ink and me, here are some things you can do.

  • Follow my social networking accounts and like, share, or respond to my posts.

  • Share my writing (and attribute it to me😊).

  • If you sign up for one of my hosting providers, use one of my referral links.[2]


 Thank you!.

1. The plural of “emoji” is either “emoji” or “emojis.” To learn about these words, see emojipedia.org and merriam-webster.com.
2. On the Infinite Ink site, a link to DreamHost or FastMail is often a referral link. I use and like both of these hosting providers.

Discussion and suggestions💬

In the comment form below you can use GitHub-flavored Markdown, including emoji shortcodes from this Emoji Cheat Sheet. For example, if you want to suggest a useful link, you may want to write the string :link: which will be rendered as 🔗️.

All comments are welcome, including relevant links to your site❣︎