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Meta Nope: What I’m Doing to Help Kill Facebook
Updated  2022-April-26

Facebook is a social-networking platform that, as of 2021-October-28, is part of a company named Meta Platforms, Inc. (also known as Meta). For a lot of reasons, I’ve never had a Facebook account and I discourage people from using it.

Recently I’ve been helping (for free) a few friends with their computers and I’ve started thinking that maybe I should create a small business and do this for pay. Everyone I mention this to thinks it’s a great idea until I say: “But I won’t help anyone who uses Facebook.” One friend replied “Well that’ll make it hard to get any business.” And then a few weeks after that conversation, she texted me this:


This made me think: “Maybe I can play a part in moving the world away from Facebook‽” So my new goals are to…




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