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There are over 18,000 news groups and the number rises daily! To find news groups, you can: Be aware that most sites do not carry all news groups so you may need to ask your news administrator to get a news group you are interested in.

News Group Search Tools

The following provide search engines that let you search news group names and descriptions for text that you specify. Note: Use these tools when you are looking for news groups related to a particular topic; you need to use different tools to find and search archives of news groups' messages.

Hierarchical News Group Lists (with links)

These lists are organized by the news group hierarchy names which, unfortunately, are not very intuitive or logical. The best way to find a news group is to use one of the search tools listed above. The following lists are most useful if you just want to browse. Note that none of these are complete. For example, many of them do not contain any of the fairly new humanities.* news groups.

Flat News Group Lists

Each of the lists in this section contain a long "flat" list of news groups and take a LONG time to download. These lists are most useful when you want to use the search abilities of your browser to search through a list.

Other News Group Lists

News Groups About News Groups

Discussion about proposed new groups takes place in news.groups and announcements about new and existing groups are posted to news.announce.newgroups. People help each other find news groups in news.groups.questions. Reviews of news groups are posted to news.groups.reviews.

New News Groups

As mentioned above, new groups are announced in news.announce.newgroups. New mainstream and alt groups are listed in articles named "Changes to..." in the news.lists periodic postings linked to above. You can also view the following lists of new groups at particular hosts:

News Groups About News of the World

Since the word "news" is used to mean both "Internet discussion groups" and "what's going on," it's sometimes hard to find news groups devoted to "what's going on." The following should help:

Other Links Related to Finding News Groups



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