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Writing a FAQ is a great way to contribute to the Net. This page covers:
It is common to use the term "FAQ" to refer to any periodic posting, even though it may not be in Q & A format. In the rest of this page I use "FAQ" in this way, i.e., to mean any periodic posting.


Writing and Formatting Your FAQ

Before you write a FAQ, it's a good idea to browse through the thousands of FAQs that already exist. FAQ archives are accessible through Infinite Ink's Finding FAQs. You should also read these MetaFAQs, which are essential reading for FAQ maintainers:

Useful tips about writing FAQs and writing in general are available in:

In addition to FAQs: A Suggested Minimal Digest Format listed above, the following give you more information to help you format your FAQ:


Posting and Maintaining Your FAQ


Advertising Your FAQ

In addition to regularly posting your FAQ to appropriate news groups, you may also want to submit it to some Web announcement services.


Details About the Hypertext FAQ Archives

If your FAQ is approved by the *.answers moderation team it will be archived at FAQ archives around the world. Some of these archives convert the plain text posted version of your FAQ to a hypertext document and provide various levels of hypertext and search capabilities. To ensure that your FAQ is presented nicely by these sites, it's a good idea to spend some time exploring these hypertext FAQ archives. The following archives are described:


The Internet FAQs Consortium

The Internet FAQs Consortium hypertext FAQ archives are accessible through They provide a single-page version of each FAQ and for those FAQs that are posted in digest format, they provide a multi-page version of the FAQ.


Utrecht University

The FAQ archives at the Computer Science Department, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, let you search: Each FAQ:


Oxford University

The FAQ archives at Oxford University let you search: Each FAQ:


Ohio State University

Tom Fine's FAQ archives at Ohio State University were the first hypertext FAQ archives on the Net and Tom won GNN's Best of the Net Award in 1994!

You can search:

Each FAQ:


Miscellaneous FAQ-Related Links



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