Infinite Ink’s To-Do and Done Lists

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Meta To-Do

  • decide on a To-Do tool (GitHub Issues, Todo.txt, this web page, or something else)

Writing In Progress

  •   🔜 Hugo and sitemap.txt
  •   AsciiDoc Fragments and Tips
  •   CSS Fragments and Tips
  •   Git Commit and Reaction Emoji
  •   Infinite Ink In Isolation
  •   Infinite Ink's Hugo Config Files
  •   qutebrowser Userscripts
  •   Unicode Arrows
  •   Using Code Fences in Markdown
  •   Windows Fragments and Tips
  •   WSL Tips and Fragments


(To learn how I get hugo to generate the above writing-in-progress list, see Fragment 3 on Infinite Ink’s Hugo Tips, Shortcodes, and Fragments.)

Website To-Do


  • update any page that needs updating (in other words Infinite Ink is a “digital garden” and all pages are evergreen🌲 and always under construction🚧)

  • finish converting #tag pages to #portal pages

  • figure out a better way to automate including my bookmarks on relevant #portal pages

  • on my #portal pages, flag bookmarks that are my favorites, maybe with ✳️, ✳︎, ⭐️, ⭐︎, 🌟️, 🌟︎, 🏁️, 🏁︎, ⚡️, or ⚡︎ (I’ve decided to use )

  • figure out how to get rid of the whitespace at bottom of every page (below the bottom navigation bar)

  • import all nm’s long- and medium-form content to this Hugo site (from Blogger, Tumblr, old, etc.)

  • improve stylesheet so, for example, Infinite Ink’s HTML5 Kitchen Sink (featuring Bill Murray) and AsciiDoc Kitchen Sink look better

  • use web feeds and/or Twitter to announce changes to the site

  • update the site skeleton that is used in Hugo Tutorial: Themeless & Gitless Introduction to Hugo



  • import nm’s short-form[1] content to this site (from Twitter,,, discussion groups[2] etc.)

  • improve the top-of-page and bottom-of-page icons, which are currently either ⇧ and ⇩ or ⍐ and ⍗ or ⍓ and ⍌ (because I’m in the midst of changing them). I wonder if there is a standard???

  • improve the admonition boxes and icons, which currently look like this:

This is important.
This is a note.
This is a tip.
This is a warning.


  • On most Infinite Ink pages, including the home page, added links to a bunch of portals in the footer. I think of this as Infinite Ink’s “portal cloud,” which is analogous to a tag cloud.

  • On pages with comments, changed section title from “Edit this page 📝” to “Edit this page👍👎📝” and removed the blurb about needing a GitHub account.

  • Experimenting with on the #asciidoc Portal.

  • Converting all portals to the new portal layout, which includes a TOC, sometimes a decorative image, sometimes embedded Twitter timelines, and a portal cloud in the footer.

  • Experimenting with links to all other portals in the footer of some portals.

  • Updated my tumblelog.cmd batch script so it now invokes wsl.exe rather than bash.exe -c. This is better for a couple reasons.

  • Started using Symbola font for some elements of this website, for example the door character (🚪) in the navigation bars.

  • On pages with comments, changed section title from “Edit this page👍👎📝” to “Edit this page 📝

  • Experimenting with embedding a Twitter timeline on some portals, for example on the #webdev Portal.

  • Changed title of qutebrowser Tips to Getting Started with qutebrowser (because I created a new page titled qutebrowser Fragments and Tips)

  • Changed title of 12 Hugo Fragments to Hugo Fragments and Tips

  • Created Hugo shortcode called related-pages and added a Related pages section to some pages

  • Change title of “TGIH: Themeless & Gitless Introduction to Hugo” to “Hugo Tutorial: Themeless & Gitless Introduction to Hugo” so maybe it will show up in search engine results when someone searches for "hugo tutorial" with,,, etc.🙏

  • Create #meta Portal and pin (📍) a link to it near the top of the list of Portals

  • Change top right navigation bar so it now says Portals  About  ⍌ (where ⍌ is a link to “scroll to bottom of page” but I wonder if anyone understands that???)

  • Change layout of article metadata (permalink, dates, copyright, portals) in article footers, but I don’t know if I like this new design🤔

  • on pages with comments, change section title from "Discussion and feedback" to "Discussion and reactions"

  • new favicon/logo Infinite Ink logo Infinite Ink logo Infinite Ink logo

  • Change most #tag pages so they are now #portal pages

  • In #portal pages, make the bottom navigation bar be previous portal | home | next portal

  • Change top navigation bar so it now says: Portals  Meta (instead of about  connect  tags)

  • Change bottom navigation bar (previous|home|next) so it flows and aligns better on small screens. (After a lot of FAILed CSS3, flexbox, and float experiments, I am using an HTML5 table to do this😱︎)

  • publish Asciidoctor- and Hugo-based site🎉

2016 – 2019
~2013 – 2019[3]
  • experiment with static site generators, including Antora, Blogdown (which is based on Hugo), GitBook, Hugo, Jekyll, Lektor, Liquid Luck, Pelican

  • experiment with wiki software, including Gollum (which is git-based wiki software)

  • learn different flavors of Markdown, including PHP Markdown Extra, which Tumblr supports, and GitHub-flavored Markdown


1. Short-form content is also known as micro content.
2. Discussion groups include Usenet, mailing lists, forums, discourse sites, comments on other websites, etc.
3. I pretty much decided on Hugo in ~2017 but periodically got so frustrated that I kept trying alternatives.

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