Website To-Do and Done Lists

Meta To-Do

  • decide on a To-Do tool (GitHub Issues, Todo.txt, simply this web page, or something else)

Website To-Do


  • import all nm’s long- and medium-form content to this Hugo site (from Blogger, Tumblr, old, etc.)

  • improve stylesheet so, for example, the HTML5 Kitchen Sink looks better

  • use web feeds and/or Twitter to announce changes to the site

  • update the site skeleton that is used in TGIH: Themeless & Gitless Introduction to Hugo



  • import nm’s short-form[1] content to this site (from Twitter,,, discussion groups[2] etc.)

  • improve the admonition boxes and icons, which currently look like this:

This is important.
This is a note.
This is a tip.
This is a warning.


  • publish Asciidoctor- and Hugo-based site🎉

2016 – 2019

1. Short-form content is also known as micro content.
2. Discussion groups include Usenet, mailing lists, forums, discourse sites, comments on other websites, etc.

Discussion and suggestions

In the form below you can use GitHub-flavored Markdown, including emoji shortcodes from this Emoji Cheat Sheet. For example, if you want to suggest a useful link, you may want to write the string :link: which will be rendered as 🔗️.

All relevant comments are welcome, including links to your site❣︎