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In 2006, I published this article on and in 2021, I migrated it to Infinite Ink. I have not yet updated it and, unfortunately, some of the links are broken.

As announced in this item in the SeaMonkey blog, SeaMonkey Suite 1.0.1 was released on Thursday, 2006 April 13. As stated in the blog item:

“All users of previous SeaMonkey versions, the Netscape suite and the Mozilla suite (which will be completely discontinued following a final security release next week) are encouraged to upgrade to this new version of the suite product line, as SeaMonkey 1.0.1 fixes many issues present in older versions.”

If you use any of the Mozilla-based all-in-one HTTP/IMAP/SMTP/NNTP clients, I (and others) recommend that you upgrade to this latest version of the SeaMonkey suite. Even if you don’t like all-in-one web/mail/news applications, you might want to try the SeaMonkey suite because it has the built-in ability to email a web page. To me, this is a killer feature and I feel crippled whenever I use a browser that does not make it easy to deflect a web page into my wiki or into one of my IMAP mailboxes. To be able to send a web page, you need to first specify an outgoing SMTP server in your SeaMonkey preferences and then you can simply choose "Send Page" from the "File" menu. Note that enabling SMTP does not mean that you need to use the SeaMonkey suite as your POP, IMAP, or NNTP client.

If you use the SeaMonkey suite, please support this open-source non-⁠commercial project by:

For links related to the SeaMonkey project, see the SeaMonkey Help site and the SeaMonkey tag.⁠


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