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AsciiDoc is a markup language that is richer than Markdown, but is still considered a lightweight markup language. For an overview of AsciiDoc’s history and implementations, including Asciidoctor (formerly known as AsciiDoc.rb) and AsciiDoc.py, see wikipedia.org/wiki/AsciiDoc.



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AsciiDoc News

2022-January-6  Asciidoctor v2.0.17 released. To keep up with releases of Asciidoctor, see github.com/asciidoctor/asciidoctor/releases, rubygems.org/gems/asciidoctor, or twitter.com/@asciidoctor.

2021-December-25  Version 3.1.0 of Ruby (which Asciidoctor depends on) released. To keep up with releases of Ruby, see www.ruby-lang.org/en/news/ or twitter.com/rubylangorg.


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If you see “OPEN CHAT” in the lower right corner of this page, you can click it to see the gitter.im/asciidoctor/asciidoctor chat room embedded here. This and more Asciidoctor Gitter chat rooms are listed at gitter.im/asciidoctor/home.

Starting in March 2021, Asciidoctor chatting mainly takes place at asciidoctor.zulipchat.com.


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