Open Up Zulip
Updated 2021-August-25

In March 2021, Asciidoctor changed their primary chat group from to Because 1) Zulip chat is viewable only if you are signed in and 2) I have a personal rule to not join walled gardens, I can’t view these messages.

While deciding if I would make an exception to my no-⁠login-walls rule, I researched Zulip at:


After reading all of the above articles (and more), I still do not know the answers to these questions:

The lack of clarity about these things convinced me that — for now — Zulip is not a company I want to be involved with.


I miss lurking in the old Gitter Asciidoctor chat room, which is embedded⁠[1] in Infinite Ink’s #asciidoc Portal and still gets a bit of Asciidoctor chatting.⁠😔


If you would like Zulip to open up, please up vote Zulip GitHub Issue #13172: Add support for logged-out reading of Zulip history for public organizations. In July 2021, this issue has 17 up votes.⁠👍⁠👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⁠👍


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1. Thanks to for helping to make that embedding happen.

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