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Updated  2022-September-4

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2022-August-8 (Infinity Day)  Published this evolving⁠[1] article.


Infinity symbol

To learn about the infinity symbol (∞), see wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinity_symbol.



In HTML, there are many ways to specify ∞, including the following.

Named character reference


Numeric character reference (hexadecimal)


Numeric character reference (decimal)


All three of the above are rendered as:


LaTeX and TeX

In \(\LaTeX\) and \(\TeX\), the command…


…is rendered as:

\( \infty \)


And the sequence of commands…

\tiny \infty
\Tiny \infty
\scriptsize \infty
\small \infty
\normalsize \infty
\large \infty
\Large \infty
\LARGE \infty
\huge \infty
\Huge \infty

…is rendered as:

\( \tiny \infty \Tiny \infty \scriptsize \infty \small \infty \normalsize \infty \large \infty \Large \infty \LARGE \infty \huge \infty \Huge \infty \)


To learn about these (La)TeX sizing commands, see wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Fonts#Built-in_sizes.


URL encoding

Since the ∞ character is not an ASCII character, it must be specified in a URL using Percent encoding, which is also known as URL encoding. For example, the URL of this page is:


In the address bar of most modern web browsers, this is displayed as:



It’s cool that the URL encoding of the infinity symbol includes 88!🆒


Infinity-like emoji

In addition to the infinity symbol (∞) discussed in the previous section, there are emoji⁠[2] that look like the infinity symbol, for example:

CLDR Short NameEmoji StyleBlack & White Style







pool 8 ball




To learn about the variation selectors ︎ and ️ used in the above table, see Infinite Ink’s Unicode Variation Selectors 15 and 16.

To learn about emoji, see www.unicode.org/emoji/techindex.html and Infinite Ink’s #emoji portal.


Infinity Day

Infinity Day is August 8, which is also known as 8-8, 8.8, 8/8, and 8 August.


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1. Many Infinite Ink articles, including this one, are evergreen and regularly updated.
2. The plural of “emoji” can be spelled “emoji” or “emojis.” To learn about pluralizing the word “emoji,” see merriam-webster.com’s definition of emoji and the second Q in emojipedia.org’s FAQ. Also see Infinite Ink’s #emoji Portal.

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